Sweet Mango Manor, The Bird House Bungalow and The Bamboo Room are all proud to foster environmental awareness among businesses and promote business practices that are both environmentally responsible and commercially beneficial.

The Gardens

The Gardens at Sweet Mango Manor

This amazing sanctuary of native and exotic plants and flowers surrounds Sweet Mango Manor waiting for you to explore and enjoy. 

Wildlife abounds in this certified National Wildlife Federation Backyard habitat. Native and migratory birds feed, nest and just stop by for a rest and a drink. 

A plethora of butterflies are visible most of the year that are attracted to the species specifically planted to entice them. 

Our guests have said "no matter how many times we walk through , something new catches the eye".  It's been called "whimsical" by many and a "...a work of art..." by others. 

How ever you see it, please pause and enjoy. 

Take a Virtual Tour Video of the Sweet Mango Manor Gardens!